Our Products

With our menus being refreshed through the season, our chefs only use products which are at their peak.

We have planted fields of all vegetables used in our kitchen to ensure that we will serve products of the highest quality to our guests. We use seasonal, organic ingredients from local producers that have the same ethos as us – carbon neutral, plastic free, organic, sustainable and low intervention.


Crete has always been a great place to produce quality food products, most notable of which are the extra virgin olive oil and a great variety of unique Cretan herbs .


Summer Season

During summer we cultivate vegetables used in our menu to ensure the freshness, the aroma and the taste we would like to present to our guests every day.


Winter Season

During winter we harvest our olives and securely place our olive oil that will be used for the next season. We also collect and dry the herbs that will be used to boost our dishes.